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November 2013

November 2013

“And He who sits on the throne said, ‘Behold, I am making all things new.’ And He said, ‘Write, for these words are faithful and true.’" (Revelation 21:5)

I know John was not referring to Psalm One Ministries or my life, but this verse keeps echoing in my head… Lots of new developments. Grateful for my Creator who continually makes all things new.

New knee:

Well, I survived multiple pulmonary emboli and lots of scary complications this summer. Now on to more fun. I will have a total knee replacement Monday, November 18. X-rays (and pain) reveal that both knees are bone-on-bone, so I will also need to have the other replaced as soon as possible. I asked the surgeon to knock me out, replace both knees, do all my rehab on passive machines while I am out cold, then wake up me three months later. But she says no. So it’s one knee at a time, one painful physical therapy session at a time.

I have so many friends and family members who have had knee replacements, so I have lots of inspirational coaches. I know the cardinal rules:
1.       Do everything the doctor says no matter how much it hurts.
2.       Do everything the physical therapist says no matter how mean he is.
3.       Stay ahead of the pain. Meds are our friends.

There are lots of exciting adventures ahead in 2014. I have people to see, things to do, places to go. This hobbling around is really cramping my style. Let’s get this show on the road.

Please pray for me—especially next week. Pray for smooth surgery without complications, steady rehabilitation through healing and physical therapy, and peace and patience throughout the whole process. (If you would like to be on the “On My Knees for Linda’s Knees” Prayer Team, drop me an email and I will keep you in the loop.)

New website:

Website design should not be rocket science in the 21st Century. But the Psalm One website has been such a thorn in my side for years as I have tried time and time again to get someone to help me in rehabbing our pitifully outdated site. I finally found a decent website builder with live, friendly, patient, helpful technicians who are actually excellent communicators. So I locked myself in my office for days, determined to update the website or die trying. I am pleased to report that I am still alive, and the website has had a facelift. I still need to tweak and add and polish a bit, but Ladies and Gentlemen, (drumroll and fireworks, please), I present to you the new and improved Psalm One Ministries website!

New article:

Most of you know that one of my heartbeats is Soul Care. How would you describe your soul today? Neglected? Celebrating? Growing? Stagnant? You can find my article on “Is It Well with Your Soul?” in the latest issue of “Just Between Us”—or on the website. 

New Bible study series:

How many of you have started out the New Year with the best of intentions to read through the entire Bible? How many times have you made it to Leviticus or Numbers, only to get bogged down and lost in the wilderness along with those wandering Israelites? How many of you have given up and headed to more familiar territory? Well, starting in January, the Psalm One Bible Study will begin the Old Testament Challenge, a survey course of Genesis to Malachi, including those really neglected stuck-together pages and lonely people like the Minor Prophets! Let me know if you would like to join us so I can keep you in the loop.

Come along with us as we overview the entire Old Testament so that we can better understand all of Scripture in context. We'll make it through together! The Psalm One Bible study sessions are now available for download through

New Year:

Yes, I know the rest of the world is not quite yet at New Year’s Eve, but I will be mostly out of commission until then, so my ministry mind is set on 2014…

Days of Refreshing:
Our next Day of Refreshing will be February 1. Many of you look forward to the December Day of Refreshing as part of your preparation for the Christmas season. But with my knee surgery moved up, my Thanksgiving/Christmas season will be spent in recovery and physical therapy. Fun, fun! So we must to cancel the December Day of Refreshing. I’m so sorry. But just think how good it will be to kick off the New Year right! 

Pastors’ Wives:
Psalm One Ministries has two “Sisterhood of the Fishbowl” Soul Care Retreats scheduled for ministry wives in 2014. Do you desire to strengthen the healthy, holy rhythms in your life? Would you welcome some tools and training to keep your heart alive toward God? Click for more details... 
• Cincinnati, Ohio (February 21-23):   
• Green Lake, Wisconsin (February 27 to March 1): 

Any pastor’s wife is invited join us in Ohio or Wisconsin for a great getaway with other women who understand life in the ministry! Please pass these links on to any and all ministry wives. Space is limited, and there are only a few spots left.

More 2014 events to be announced soon…

In the meantime, please pray for my eyes to stay fixed on Jesus throughout my surgery and rehab. I’m not looking forward to the next several weeks, but I am so grateful for medical miracles that will reduce my pain and let me keep on going here in Ohio, across the US, and around the world. It’ll take more than a couple of troublesome knees to stop Goodtime Linda. Thanks for the prayers, support, and friendship.

God bless,