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October 2013 Newsletter

October 2013 Newsletter--Return to the Well

Hi friends:

I’ve just returned from a few blessed days in Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. God pulled me away to rest, process, wander, and do a lot of praying. 2013 has been a mixed bag so far—lots of pain, hospitals and illness, but also lots of blessing, laughter and beauty. Many of you know the significant role Ireland and Scotland have played in my own spiritual life, as well as the foundations of Psalm One. God took me back to some precious places, some wonderful people, and some powerful memories. He taught me. And He just loved on me.

We often settle for renewal on the run, with a quick reboot every once in a while. But sometimes I need to unplug, completely shut down the engines, let the whole system cool, clean out the debris that builds up in the tanks, and refill with fresh water. Without times of restoration, my tanks run dry, my mind becomes overwhelmed, life speeds up. Occasionally I need to step out of the ministry mindset, and just lean into Jesus. I can’t encourage others to draw deeply from the well if I’m staying in the shallow end. Or running on fumes.

For My people have committed two evils:
They have forsaken Me,
The fountain of living waters,
To hew for themselves cisterns,
Broken cisterns,
That can hold no water.
Jeremiah 2:13

I want to God to be my center, my source, my serenity. And I want to drink from a well that never runs dry.

From the end of the earth I call to You when my heart is faint;
Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.
For You have been a refuge for me,
A tower of strength against the enemy.
Let me dwell in Your tent forever;
Let me take refuge in the shelter of Your wings. Selah.
Ps 61:2-4

Selah. To pause. To stop. To respond to Jesus’ call to “hush, be still”.

When one returns from extended time with Christ, the fruit is:
• Greater submission and obedience to God
• A closer walk with Jesus
• Reassessed priorities
• Wiser exercise of that “yes” and “no” muscle
• Clearer mind
• Purer heart
• Serenity
• More sensitive spirit
• Heightened receptivity and response to the Holy Spirit
• Deeper love for God and others

I have certainly not approached anything near perfection on any item of that list, but this is the fruit I desire. When I had my tonsils out as a child, someone gave me a box of gifts—one small package to open each day. To open a yo-yo or a kazoo every day for a whole week? That was such a thrill to this easily-amused little kid. Well, God has given me a box of good and perfect gifts to bring back from Ireland…gifts that I am slowly unpacking on this side of the Pond. Gifts to bless and strengthen me, and hopefully to also bless you all in a ripple effect.

I can’t take you on an extended retreat to Ireland (well…hmmmm…maybe…someday…who wants to do a “Journey with Jesus” with me?...). But I can
• Open the Word
• Point you to the Lord
• Slow up down
• Invite you to dance with the Trinity
• Coach you in Christ-centered spiritual development
• Facilitate growth
• Challenge you to integrate Sabbath into your life
• Link arms with you and walk toward God

That’s what I do in Psalm One. I can’t give you the same experiences God has given me, but I hope to leave you thirsty to sit at His feet. ”Remember that you can never give another person what you have found, but you can cause him to have a desire for it.” (Oswald Chambers).

How about you? What is the state of your well?…

Leaning into Him,