Refocus and Refuel Retreat

What? A 48 hour Semi-silent Soul Care Retreat
Where? Cincinnati, Ohio
When: November 8-10 and March 6-8

I invite you to join me for the Psalm One
Refocus and Refuel Retreat. Come away
to refocus, refuel, rest, reboot, revel, relax,
recollect, reconsider, revive, return,
recommit, remember, receive, recover and
rejoice in Jesus.
If you have done this before, you know how it pays off in transforming ways. We have had some very special times alone with the Lord as well as some great fun and fellowship together at past retreats. I always benefit from extended time in the Word, prayer, meditation, journaling, sitting still at His feet. I need to take a time like this often to keep my priorities and perspective straight.

This is a “semi-silent” retreat.  We open with time in the Word and heart preparation, close in sharing, teaching, and prayer, and we talk and laugh over meals. In between, however, we commit to the gift of silence as we meet with God and God alone, so you can enjoy unhurried, uninterrupted times of study, prayer, meditation on the Word, journaling, just resting in His presence. I am available for spiritual direction if you are wrestling with how God might be leading you, if you’re not sure how to bring an issue before the Lord, or if you want to pray with me. Think of it as a stretched-out Day of Refreshing, with far more time to enjoy silence and solitude at Jesus' feet.

You can enjoy the beautiful grounds through the trees along the river. There are of peaceful nooks and crannies to spread out and revel in extended time alone with Jesus.  You will have your own simple room with shared bathrooms on the hall. We have a lounge to ourselves and a kitchen for drinks and snacks. Cost is $150, which includes all housing, meals and materials.  We'll begin with Friday dinner and wrap up after lunch on Sunday. (We form a wonderful community of support, accountability and encouragement for the weekend, so if you cannot arrive by 6:30 Friday and stay until noon Sunday, we ask you to wait for another Psalm One event.)

This is for men and women--anyone who desires a deeper relationship with God! This is especially life-giving and replenishing for those who pour themselves out in ministry to others. Come and clear out the cobwebs through life-giving time with the Shepherd.  Set aside this time to devote to the Lord.  It will be time well invested. Hope you can join us!

Our next 2019 Refocus and Refuel Retreat is November 8-10. Contact us if you would like to register.

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