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Response to Days of Refreshing

But the Lord answered and said to her, " Martha, Martha, you are worried and bothered about so many things;  but only one thing is necessary, for Mary has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken away from her."
(Luke 10:41-42)

What people say about the Psalm One Days of Refreshing...

“I have found the Day of Refreshing with Psalm One Ministries to be very helpful in my own personal journey. The word “Refreshing” is so appropriate for what you will receive through this event! I believe that God calls us to not only take time to seek him out through intentional times of quiet, stillness and focus, but to also be life-long learners. To never settle for mediocrity and complacency. Continual personal growth in all areas of life is essential, and our relationship and intimacy with God is central to all other areas. Come open, and come ready to receive the words that God has for you! Don’t wait until you have a breakdown. Be proactive and invest the time to do this proactively. You will be SO GLAD that you did!”


Days of Refreshing are as necessary as a cool drink of water after an excursion on a hot summer day. Days of Refreshing replenish the soul and empowers one with strength for the next excursion. Each time that I have attended the Days of Refreshing God has never ever failed to speak to me.

We are so excited that this opportunity to get away is available to us every few months, especially as we delve into new facets of ministry. We know we need to retreat every so often and get away from the noise. I'm so thankful that you and Psalm One Ministries have given us a safe place to come, to be able to escape routine and all the demands of life, and simply rest and listen to our God father. Thank you!!!!! We are blessed to have found you and Psalm One. We thoroughly enjoyed out time June 24th. It's so neat to be able to be like-minded and like-hearted with sisters and brothers all over the region and want the same thing: to hear from God. How strengthening and encouraging that is to us!

I would invite everyone to go to the Day of Refreshing. Forget all the busyness of you life for one day and spend the day sharing time alone with God. The first time I went, I was apprehensive not knowing what it was all about. I left feeling such peace and love that I was so glad I went. I have returned to it as often as I can. Linda is such a wonderful leader and she makes everyone feel very welcomed. The 2 hrs. of silence is a wonderful time to be alone with the Lord. You can read, journal, walk on the beautiful 100 acres, whatever you would like to do at this time. The lunch is fantastic. The grounds and surroundings are beautiful. It is a wonderful day being with other believers. I would encourage everyone to come and experience Day of Refreshing. You will be glad you came.

The weekend was absolutely fabulous!! I was awed by the environment and the teaching…wonderful! Wonderful! I found what I needed. I will be reviewing my notes and what comfort god gave me while I was there…thanks so much for allowing god to use you all in such a special way!

When I describe the Day of Refreshing, I tell people first, that it was very much needed. Second, that you don't know how much you needed it until you have done it. I appreciated the time away with God--it was very valuable. It is too bad that we as people don't slow down enough to spend some quiet time with God. I was so refreshed when I left. God really has been doing some cleansing in some areas. And I thank Him for that. I look forward to the next one. I want to come again, and again, and again. This is one get away I encourage everyone to take. It is very addictive!

The first time there and we have loved every bit of it in all my trips. Especially the quiet time where you point us to verses that we need to read and jot down pointers or answer a few questions you have asked us to ponder over or just write the scripture from the bible with no strings attached except that we spend time listening to God even if it meant that I had scripture going through my mind all the time. Linda's wonderful humor and the love she and everyone there pours out on us. Kathleen...the wonderful hostess and her welcoming nature...

I wish I never had to miss one. When I look back on my last 2 years since coming to the first DOR for me, My most quiet and close to God times have been at the Days of Refreshing and the joy of being with people who "get it". Let go and let God. Just "let go and let God". It gives me a time to hang onto in the times of stress. I love being there to see what God will do with the day. I love finding Him wherever I can.

What would I say to someone about attending one of your events? I would say:
1. You won't be sorry.
2. You won't want to miss another one.
3. You will truly be refreshed and prepared to return to the "work".
4. You will feel pampered and affirmed.
5. You will be encouraged to "keep on keeping on and keeping the main thing the main thing".
6. You will experience how easy and simple it is to fellowship with the Lord.
7. You will be motivated to evaluate your priorities.
8. You will want to return and bring someone with you.

This weekend’s refreshing is almost beyond words for me! From the beautiful drive out, to Kathleen and Olivia’s hospitality in joyfully greeting me on the steps, to entering the conference center and hearing prayer being lifted, to fellowshipping with the body of Christ on Saturday morning, to refreshing through the taught Word, the brunch & lunch and silent meditation on the grounds… my spirit is overwhelmed with the goodness and glory of God! The day was as true as the plaque on the doorsill – “Surely The Lord is In This Place!” (I can’t even begin to mention the house/grounds – like Heaven on Earth! – only the Lord could have built it – what detail!)

I was excited about coming to the Day of Refreshing to meet with other believers and share in a time together. I was delighted to meet the faces of Christ from all walks of life, ages and denominations! I know the Holy Spirit was working, my Pastor preached on the very same subject matter as your study in the Word.

From Psalm 46 – the panting and thirsting after God when in dry, tough places --- you need a spiritual and physical refreshing. I thoroughly enjoyed being FREE to explore God at my own pace; in my own way. Laying between the tall grasses in the grove and waiting on God to move was beyond words. Suddenly, the wind began to bristle and move grasses and I knew that God was near! WOW!

The Day of Refreshing was helpful for me and my walk with Christ because it shows me that in my daily living and thinking that I’m giving time to be still with God --- He deserves and expect more; even if not in quantity but certainly in quality. The day showed me that if I really quiet myself, God reveals Himself most extraordinary! I came back determined to improve the quality of my alone time with the Lord.