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Refocus and Refuel Retreat Response

One thing I have asked from the LORD, that I shall seek:
That I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life,
To behold the beauty of the LORD
And to meditate in His temple.
(Psalm 27:4)

What people say about the Psalm One Refocus and Refuel Retreat...

My first Psalm One event was a Day of Refreshing. I enjoyed very much the teaching and tools that Linda Kline offered to help us stay connected to the true source of life, Jesus. The time at Jesus’ feet was a new experience for me, but I completely loved it! One day is not enough once you taste of His goodness, so I decided to sign up for the Refocus and Refuel Retreat and the experience was divine. He guided me exactly to what I needed. From the places I rested in, to the Scriptures, to His creation, He was in control. My advice if you are in doubt is to taste of it and see how good it is for your soul. The experience does not end when the weekend gets to an end. The work He starts on the weekend will change you forever. Your focus on life will change and you will feel a new boost to keep searching for more of Him. Your time and your money could not be invested in a better gift, His presence! ( from Blue Ash )

I remember on my first Refocus and Refuel Retreat when we went into silence I was surprised at how noisy it still seemed to be…it was my racing mind. I didn’t realize how much I desperately needed this time to just lay down everything else, all the interruptions of day to day life, and just draw near to God and truly put Him first. No matter what state I’m in when I arrive at these retreats, whether mountain top or dessert moments, God meets me there as I quiet my mind and have extended uninterrupted time with my LORD. When I let go of all expectations and just abide in HIM he always shows up and sometimes in the least expected ways. It’s a wonderful time to REST in HIM….and sometime for me that means a good nap.  These retreats are the perfect balance of good Bible-based teaching, extended quiet time with God, and laughter over meals.  The Refocus and Refuel Retreats are priceless!  Thank you Linda. (from West Chester)

I think I will be looking back at the Refocus and Refuel Retreat as a spiritual turning point in my life. While I had never done anything like this before, I had become sold on the value of silence before our Lord and had spent small amounts of time in that manner. But this retreat provided lots of time and fertile ground for placing my self in His presence. It was so well thought out with teaching at the beginning and end, having prayer partners to share time and issues with, and time to share and get to know one another at meals. I also greatly appreciated the retreat materials. They led me back into productive time with God when I wandered. While a portion of what I learned from God was in the form of gentle, loving correction, the bulk was strong affirmation that I am right where He wants me. Simply put, I met the Lord this weekend and you led me into His presence. (from Cincinnati)

This weekend was more fulfilling then I could have imagined. Why? Because I decided to spend time with Jesus and the bonus was I got to be with some of His kids. Never thought I would do this but soooo glad I did. (from Fairfield)

I was fighting a cold but decided to go anyway-- what a great choice! I rested, read more of the Word than usual, and was reminded in subtle ways that God is my source-- for healing, for help, for true life now and for eternity. When I returned to my home and work, I was more focused, relaxed, and caring toward family and co-workers. God reigns! (from Cincinnati)

I loved getting away for some concentrated time alone with God. I found it very refreshing; a definite spiritual shot in the arm! I hate to say it but I really am one of those Type A personalities, and in my day to day routine, I sometimes find it hard to “be still” so that I really can hear from God. It was a great experience and I hope to do a longer silent retreat within the next year.  (from Cincinnati)

It is hard nowadays to find a time for prayer. If I don't schedule it, put it in my day planner, it doesn't happen. Even then with a limited time slot it takes a while for me to "come down" from busy activities. The time available barely seems long enough to get started. The Psalm One Days of Refreshing are great for time alone with the Lord. The semi-silent Refocus and Refuel Retreat is even better.

Many hours of silence may seem kind of overwhelming. It seemed that way to me the first time I went on a silent weekend. What I found was the time flew by and I didn't want it to end. Thanks to Linda we have the Refocus and Refuel Retreat. A time to "Be still and know". Time to pray or maybe read that book of the Bible you never seem to find time to read. Or a Spiritual book that you are to tired to focus on at the end of the day. Most importantly to me is just the realization that I am in God's presence and to carry that with me when I depart. So Fear not, come and see that the Lord is Good. (from West Chester)

The most valuable time that we can spend in our lives is ultimately with our Lord. We were created to love and to worship Him and nothing is more valuable than the time that we spend before Him, getting to know Him, feeding on His words and investing into this love relationship - our most important relationship. It is easy to neglect spending time with the Lord and easy to "drown out" His voice with other, "louder" voices in the world. Giving each other the "gift of silence" is rarely experienced anywhere, but one of the best gifts that I have ever received.

I am reminded of what Jesus' response was to Martha concerning Mary, who was "seated at the Lord's feet, listening to His word", while Martha was "worried and bothered about so many things" (Luke 10:39,41). He said: "only one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good part, and it shall not be taken away from her"(vs.42). At the retreat we were given the opportunity to choose this "good part", which I know Jesus still finds very valuable, and necessary! (from Cincinnati)

Since I live alone (well, not exactly--I have five cats), my friends said, "Why do you need to go on a SILENT retreat?" They have obviously not thought about the many interruptions we all have during a normal day. This weekend was unbelievable! I've never felt so exhilarated, energized, relaxed, and pampered all in a few brief days. On the drive home, I realized that my brain was exhausted--praying and studying the Word and listening for His voice is not easy. The "silent" times were not nearly long enough. From now on I am going to be very selfish about my "quiet time" with the Lord. I'm looking forward to doing another silent retreat soon. (from Lebanon, OH)

Wanted to offer a word of encouragement for those interested in a silent retreat. It was so encouraging to spend time with others who were searching for God's voice over an entire weekend. It takes awhile for the spirit to quiet, but the things that you can learn are wonderful. I spent my initial time just praying and listening while looking at the silhouettes of the trees reflecting in a lake before me. The rest of the time I began to trace a word in scripture, that I felt God was wanting me to learn more about in this season of my life. It is a time to search, pray, listen, walk, enjoy nature and simply be encouraged by the presence of others. There was also no agenda!! That was nice because I felt like I didn't need to rush in God's presence, but could simply take it all in. I feel like I not only gained fruit over the weekend, but am continuing to experience fruit from that time, as I look back over my journal and as I continue to look up scripture on the topic I began while on the silent retreat. I would highly recommend taking an opportunity to attend one of the silent retreats...  (from Indianapolis)

I loved the Semi-Silent retreat because it made me realize how busy I really am (and don’t need to be) and how worthy the Lord is to just simply stop everything just to be with Him. When WAS the last time I just took an extended period of time to listen for His heart or for direction – when I wasn’t in crisis mode? When was the last time I just sat with Him and told Him how much I loved Him? It was like giving myself permission to sit in His presence. And…the after effects are -I’ve tried to add some of that silence to my regular life and slowly – I am becoming more at ease in the silence of sitting with the Lord. Ya know – I am really enjoying that, too!   (from Indianapolis)

The thing I appreciated the most was that it MADE the time for me to spend talking to Jesus, reading scripture and reflecting on what He would have me hear. This is not the same as "making me take time"--that's not nearly as loving as the time being made available for me to use. The quiet setting allowed my heart to do some much needed healing. The strength that came from sharing and praying with a group of fellow believers felt calming. It's a great way to come together with God, fellow believers and still have that space and quiet that allows you to shut out the worldly voices and things that can interrupt or even block me from time with Him. I thoroughly enjoyed it, definitely had two-way conversation with Jesus and will do this again. Thank you and Psalm One for coordinating such a blessing! (from Kentucky)